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Datto launches networking solutions for the MSP and SMB markets 

Datto launches networking solutions for the MSP and SMB markets 
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Datto unveiled its second-generation cloud-managed switch family, as well as the global expansion of early access to its secure remote access solution, Datto Secure Edge. 

Datto’s existing product lines of Wi-Fi 6 access points and integrated secure routers will be supplemented by these new networking solutions. 

Marcus Ward, GM of Datto Networking stated, “Networking is essential to every business imaginable. Datto is committed to providing enterprise-grade networking solutions for small to mid-sized businesses that are reliable, easy to deploy, manage, and use, at prices and purchasing models that make sense, and that are available today.” 

Datto is also providing new ways for partners to purchase networking equipment. MSPs and small to medium-sized businesses can now purchase Datto networking solutions with an up-front payment option for hardware combined with a support service subscription. They can also avail the feature with no down payment and the cost added to the service subscription. 

Switches with Datto managed ethernet 

Datto switches are all cloud-managed and can be set up and running in minutes, making them ideal for easy and efficient remote management. To power endpoints like wireless access points, IP cameras, smart lights, point-of-sale systems, and more, Datto switches come with scalable power over Ethernet on all copper ports. This eliminates the need for extra, expensive power runs or injectors. 

Four new models complete the Datto switch lineup. They are as follows: 

DSW100-8P-2G has 8 GbE copper ports and 2 SFP optical ports. 

The DSW100-24P-4X has 24 GbE copper ports and 4 SFP+ optical ports. 

The DSW100-48P-4X has 48 GbE copper ports and 4 SFP+ optical ports. 

The DSW250-8P-2X has 8 2.5GbE copper ports and 2 SFP+ optical ports. 

Datto switches are a perfect addition to their current line of Wi-Fi access points, which supports the most recent, high-performance Wi-Fi 6 standard, as well as their built-in secure router, which offers the thorough firewall and routing that small and medium-sized businesses need. 

Secure Edge by Datto 

Datto is also expanding the global availability of their cloud-based secure remote access solution, Datto Secure Edge, which provides workers with next-generation firewall protection from the cloud as well as the advanced networking capabilities required for today’s SaaS work environments. 

Datto Secure Edge is a cloud-managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution that assists businesses in achieving a zero-trust security posture. Datto Secure Edge, in addition to next-generation cloud-based firewalling, offers seamless application control and web content filtering to protect users from web-based attacks and malware. 

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