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DataMotion introduced DataMotion No-Code Experience

DataMotion introduced DataMotion No-Code Experience
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DataMotion introduced DataMotion No-Code Experience for mobile applications and portals. It offers a more user-friendly method of accessing the DataMotion platform after considering the market conditions now and the associated limitations faced by enterprise and healthcare development teams. 

The No-Code Experience is launched as a web component, with the goal of providing a simple and secure customer experience that requires few or no development resources. Customers can drop the No-Code web component into their responsive webpage by making a few settings changes in an intuitive user interface and gathering the necessary code snippet. In the client’s mobile app or portal, this develops a personalized, secure message center. Customers using the No-Code Experience can configure the web component to suit their unique use case. 

Bob Janacek, CEO of DataMotion commented, “DataMotion provides APIs and pre-built solutions so that our customers can introduce and enhance their secure exchange workflows where they need it. Currently, our API-first approach requires customers to develop their user interface to call our platform. But in looking at market conditions, it is obvious that the impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ has stretched our customers’ development resources too thin. The team at DataMotion stepped back, reimagined how we can deliver services to our customers, and concluded that our best approach was to develop the No-Code Experience. This experience brings the solution to market quickly, and results in compliance win immediately.” 

The enterprise portal’s features have been carefully incorporated into the web component’s design. This also involves inheriting CSS and branding with unique colors in the settings screen for a fully responsive solution. It’s easy to have complete control over what users see on the screen. The DataMotion No-Code Experience is integrated with providers of enterprise single sign-on (SSO) solutions, which makes deployment even easier. 

“This solution allows us to simplify the use of DataMotion’s platform where it is needed, without the enterprise having to build the UI. We deliver secure content exchange to the customer’s website, mobile site, and anywhere it is needed.”, Janacek continued. 

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