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DataDome CAPTCHA Enables Defence Against Bots and Online Fraud

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DataDome, a leading provider of AI-powered online fraud and bot protection for mobile apps, websites and APIs, launched its recently integrated and reimagined CAPTCHA.

DataDome’s CAPTCHA is a privacy-compliant, safe, and user-friendly CAPTCHA designed to stop bots. It is entirely incorporated into its detection engine, delivering superior protection and a better user experience while being fully compliant with regional data privacy regulations all around the world: DataDome is the only vendor to guarantee that 99.99% of actual users won’t encounter a CAPTCHA.

“Unlike other CAPTCHAs that frustrate users and often collect personal data without informing them, DataDome delivers an exceptional, and privacy compliant, user experience. And because it was designed with cybersecurity at its core, our CAPTCHA provides the highest security protection against today’s sophisticated bots”, said Benjamin Fabre, CEO at DataDome.

DataDome uses signals from its CAPTCHA together with the other 1 trillion signals it processes each day to combine signals from both sources, effectively terminating CAPTCHA farms by identifying and responding to new bot strategies in real-time.

Furthermore, it does not gather any personally identifiable information (PII). It only gathers data when it’s essential for security reasons, and it’s never sold, shared, or retained for more than 30 days. For the purpose of adhering to regional data privacy laws, all data is processed and stored in a localized point of presence (PoP).

In addition to providing unparalleled accessibility for the blind, DataDome’s CAPTCHA is faster than Google’s reCAPTCHA and supports audio CAPTCHA in 13 languages.

“DataDome’s CAPTCHA gives us peace of mind. Not only does it block bot traffic, we know that our users’ experience remains uninterrupted. And because DataDome prioritizes privacy, we likewise don’t have to worry about violating compliance regulations”, stated Ivan Delgado, CIO, RealClearPolitics.com.

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