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D2iQ and Aqua Security Partnered for Cloud Security

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D2iQ and Aqua Security have announced a partnership that will allow organizations to create a unified DevSecOps experience to accelerate the deployment of secure smart cloud-native applications.

The partnership will enable organizations to run Aqua’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). It will help improve the security of containerized workloads, faster and more secure development, and release cycles, and a matured DevSecOps approach.

Tobi Knaup, CEO of D2iQ, commented, “With more and more organizations adopting Kubernetes for mission-critical workloads, we are seeing an increase in concern around the security of cloud-native applications. When delivering cloud-native applications, organizations must balance these concerns with the need for speed and agility. With this new partnership, D2iQ and Aqua offer a unique solution that provides organizations with agility, speed, and enhanced security to quickly and securely achieve Day-2 success.”

Organizations can automate and streamline DevSecOps with Aqua on DKP to lower risk, improve workload management, and thwart cloud-native attacks. The collaboration enables enterprises to more effectively secure cloud-native application development, deployment, and IT operations by eliminating threats, aligning security with regulatory requirements, and reducing time to market.

Dror Davidoff, co-founder, and CEO of Aqua Security, stated, “Aqua and D2iQ both place immense importance on stopping attacks across the cloud-native application lifecycle, from development to production. The combined power of DKP’s automation capabilities and Aqua’s full lifecycle platform enables organizations to seamlessly adopt Kubernetes and do so with the assurance of end-to-end security built specifically for cloud-native applications.”

According to D2iQ’s “Kubernetes in the Enterprise” survey, respondents who were moving Kubernetes workloads into production environments cited security and environment reliability as two of their top challenges. With these challenges in mind, D2iQ and Aqua’s collaborative solution will assist organizations in automating operations and improving their security posture. DKP enables users to simplify Kubernetes complexities and operational insights for easier management, while Aqua secures these processes from start to finish, resulting in a seamless DevSecOps experience.

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