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Cyxtera Cloud Connect Expands Interconnectivity Capabilities

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Cyxtera Cloud Connect will boost the company’s interconnectivity capabilities, allowing customers to connect workloads quickly across colocation and cloud deployments. Cyxtera, a world leader in data center colocation and interconnection services, announced the debut of its native Cyxtera Cloud Connect. Cyxtera’s carrier-neutral, densely linked global data center footprint and vibrant partner ecosystem will be enhanced by this functionality, which allows clients to establish on-demand connections to public cloud providers.

Cyxtera Cloud Connect will help customers minimize network expenses, enhance bandwidth throughput, simplify their interconnection environment, and improve resilience. Cyxtera has consistently provided reliable, low-latency cloud connectivity through partners. The firm now allows clients to connect directly to cloud providers through the Customer Portal and API, which is powered by Cyxtera’s data center network fabric, Digital Exchange. By cutting costs and simplifying setup, a digital cross-connect makes it even easier for Cyxtera customers to connect directly to cloud providers.

Randy Rowland, Chief Operating Officer at Cyxtera said, “Whether delivering applications to customers all over the world or consuming development services from the public cloud, connectivity is key for any modern, digital business, and it’s one of the core advantages of partnering with Cyxtera and leveraging our world-class data center platform. Our newest interconnection offering builds off the strength of our connectivity, and enables our customers to natively create direct, secure connections to leading public clouds, and link their deployments in multiple regions, saving time and money by connecting across Cyxtera’s Digital Exchange.”

Customers can have one-to-many connectivity using Cyxtera’s digital interconnection, which is offered through the Digital Exchange, with speed, simplicity, and software management. Customers can easily connect to IP bandwidth, colocation in other metros, technological service providers across a wide network of partners, and major cloud providers by extending their data center environment with on-demand services. Customers can leverage Cyxtera’s extremely intuitive Customer Portal to establish and manage connectivity across Cyxtera’s array of interconnection solutions.

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