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Cyberbit Adds Cyber Crisis Stimulator to its Platform

Cyberbit Adds Cyber Crisis Stimulator to its Platform
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Cyberbit, a leading cyber skills development platform, recently added a collaborative cyber crisis simulator to its platform to provide boardroom and SOC integrated exercises, allowing the C-Suite to work with its cyber defense team in real-time while responding to an organizational cyber crisis.

With the help of Cyberbit’s crisis simulator, management teams including the CEO, CFO, Legal, Communications & PR, CISO, CIO, and SOC managers can simulate a cyber crisis that affects the entire firm. The exercises are made to help managers improve their decision-making abilities, get ready for cyber crisis scenarios, and test out crisis response playbooks. The crisis simulator enables organizations to swap out static tabletop exercises for a dynamic, lifelike experience where exercise results are based on performance and management decisions made in real-time.

Executives have previously been restricted to using basic crisis simulation software or taking part in traditional tabletop exercises without the assistance of the information security team. The new crisis simulator is completely connected with cyber range drills, allowing businesses to conduct joint exercises that bring together executive teams and cyber defense teams.

In a real-world crisis, management teams are often updated by the information security team, and their choices are influenced by the success of the incident response. The brand-new Cyberbit product closes this crucial gap and enables complete communication, guaranteeing that an organization’s incident response team is ready to handle a cyber crisis as a cohesive unit.

The platform is offered as a SaaS option, enabling scattered teams or teams working from home to communicate whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them. Additionally, Cyberbit offers unified measurement tools that let users view the performance of both executive teams and operational teams from a single dashboard.

Adi Dar, CEO at Cyberbit, said, “We’ve worked extensively with our F500 customers and global consulting firms to develop the new crisis simulation module, complementing our catalog of live-fire team exercises. We’ve always believed in teamwork as one of the key elements of cyber readiness and we can now offer the only simulation solution that connects the entire organization exactly as they would be required to perform in real-life.”

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