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Crossword Cybersecurity launches a new Supply Chain Cyber practice!

Crossword Cybersecurity launches a new Supply Chain Cyber practice!
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Crossword Cybersecurity, a cybersecurity solutions provider focused on cyber strategy and risk, has announced the establishment of a new integrated Supply Chain Cyber practise.

In response to client demand and a significant increase in supply chain cyber threat levels, the integrated practise offers a set of controls, processes, and tools, as well as a variety of managed services, advice, and training, to significantly reduce the risk of direct cyber-attacks as well as threats via third parties across a company’s supply chain.

By providing an end-to-end solution, Crossword’s Supply Chain Cyber approach is dedicated to meeting any organization’s cybersecurity and supply chain resilience obligations.

Crossword’s Supply Chain Cyber solution provides a group of cybersecurity industry experts committed to defining and delivering best practices in managing risk. It also offers comprehensive and adaptable supply chain cybersecurity Standard Operating Model that defines the processes, techniques, and structures required to manage supply chain assurance, compliance, and risk across all industries.

Rizikon Assurance, a SaaS-based, automated platform for managing risk, compliance, and supply chain strategy, policy, and operations, has been updated. The supplier provides low-cost cyber audits and security testing. Consulting services include supply chain cyber benchmarking, maturity assessments, advisory consulting, and training. Supply chain cyber assurance, compliance, and risk management services in one package.

Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director at Crossword Cybersecurity Plc, commented: “A whole new operating model and mindset is required to properly address supply chain cyber risks and attacks. Looking only inwards and relying on internally focused controls, systems and thinking is not enough to protect organisations today. Crossword’s Supply Chain Cyber practice addresses the severity and fast-growing nature of risks present in supply chains. It gives our customers the tools and processes to securely and cost effectively manage these risks, benefiting not only the customer, but all members of their supply chain. The objective is to minimise collective risk and ensure cost-effective governance and adherence to regulations across all industries.”

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