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CriticalStart Announced Enhanced Abilities for Microsoft 365 Defender

CriticalStart Announced Enhanced Abilities for Microsoft 365 Defender
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A leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, CriticalStart announced enhanced abilities for Microsoft 365 defender, industry-unique capabilities around Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to protect user credentials from phishing, brute force, and cloud application attacks. Other MDR providers make advice, while the Critical Start SOC acts on the customer’s behalf to prevent user account attacks, which are frequently a precursor to a breach.

The Vice President of Product at CriticalStart, Chris Carlson, stated, “By adding threat detection and response capabilities for credential and user account attacks into our MDR platform, Critical Start goes beyond the endpoint to protect against one of the most common attack vectors involved in the majority of breaches. This new expansion of capabilities was developed in direct response from customers that MDR providers need to go beyond giving recommendations for action and swiftly respond to stop attacks in progress.  Critical Start now grants our customers the ability to improve their organizations’ security postures as well as their overall readiness to face off against credential-based attacks.”

Customers can utilize the new CriticalStart announced Enhanced Abilities to strengthen their existing defenses and avoid breaches caused by user account-based assaults. As cybercriminals continue to focus their attacks on credentials that allow them to remain hidden when accessing networks rather than attacking the networks themselves, users must be able to detect and respond swiftly to these attacks.

Alerts from multiple Microsoft systems, such as user-reported email phishing attempts, Azure Active Directory identity alerts, and alerts triggered by anonymous login IPs to business applications running, can be brought in using the combined power of Critical Start’s existing MDR services and the Microsoft security suite from Defender for Cloud Apps. The extended service enables improved detection and response for a variety of threats that potentially compromise a user’s account.

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