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Crisis24 acquires Topo.ai to improve its capabilities for gathering global risk intelligence 

Crisis24 acquires Topo.ai to improve its capabilities for gathering global risk intelligence 
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Crisis24, a leading provider of global risk intelligence and security solutions, has announced the acquisition of Topo.ai, a cutting-edge mapping and location intelligence company. 

The acquisition will allow Crisis24 to enhance its capabilities in providing real-time, actionable information and analysis on risks and threats around the world. With Topo.ai’s advanced mapping and location intelligence technology, Crisis24 will be able to better identify, track, and respond to potential risks and security threats in a timely manner. 

Topo.ai’s technology uses a combination of satellite imagery, machine learning, and other data sources to create detailed, accurate maps of locations around the world. The company’s platform also includes advanced analytics tools for identifying potential risks and threats, such as natural disasters, civil unrest, and terrorist activity. 

The acquisition of Topo.ai will also allow Crisis24 to expand its reach and capabilities in the global market. The company currently serves clients in a variety of industries, including government, military, and private sector organizations. With Topo.ai’s technology, Crisis24 will be able to better serve its existing clients and reach new markets, such as emergency management and disaster response organizations. 

Gregoire Pinton, Managing Director and Head of Integrated Risk Management at Crisis24 said, “Topo.ai and Crisis24 have been partners for many years. In fact, several Topo customers are Crisis24 customers, so the cultural alignment is a natural one. Joining forces was the obvious next step, allowing us to offer unique and advanced capabilities in Critical Event Management, combining and amplifying our unique strengths. I strongly believe these united synergies will be of great benefit to our clients.” 

Phil Harris, CEO of Topo.ai stated, “We’re honored and excited to join forces with such a global champion in the risk management space like Crisis24. By bringing the timely intelligence capabilities of TopoONE to the team’s already leading arsenal of security operations, we’ll be able to provide an even more robust and tailored solutions approach to clients and the market at large.” 

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close in the coming weeks, subject to regulatory approvals. 

This acquisition is a significant move for Crisis24 and Topo.ai, and it is expected that it will be a major contributor to the way the companies will be able to provide the global market with advanced risk intelligence and security services. The integration of Topo.ai’s technology will help Crisis24 to be more proactive and to give more accurate information to their clients, giving them an edge in the market. 

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