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Cox collaborates with Intel, and Future Technologies to provide end-to-end private networks for business clients

Cox collaborates with Intel, and Future Technologies to provide end-to-end private networks for business clients
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Cox Communications has announced its collaboration with Intel and Future Technologies to create and implement end-to-end regulated private network solutions for business customers in the public and private sectors. The new go-to-market agreement brings together Cox’s Edge infrastructure, fiber assets, and its potential to end-to-endpr design, manage, and deliver private wireless connectivity for a wide range of commercial industries and sizes with Intel’s portfolio of cloud-to-edge solutions, Future Technologies’ segment expertise, and system integration experience.

Cox Private Networks is a component of the company’s portfolio that functions as a whole to meet the connectivity, telecom, and IT demands of commercial customers. It debuted in 2022 and makes use of both LTE/5G and fixed wireless access. Cox Communications deploys service to millions of homes and companies across 18 states as the largest private broadband provider in America. More than 370,000 business owners nationwide, including healthcare providers, K–12 and college education, financial institutions, and governmental organizations, rely on the managed and cloud solutions offered by Cox Business, a division of Cox Communications that specializes in commercial services. These services create connected environments and support applications.

Jeff Breaux, executive vice president of Cox Business, the company’s comprehensive commercial services division explained, “The combined knowledge and expertise created by this new relationship will help us solve the biggest operational challenges with end-to-end network solutions, accelerate the journey of digital transformation and provide a better experience for employees, customers and visitors.”

Several smart city technologies have been implemented in the initial Cox Private Network deployments. A regulated private network that uses a millimeter wave spectrum to convey high-quality data for insights on park utilization, vehicle volumes, and health facility, was constructed by Cox as part of an early smart park trial with the city of Las Vegas.

In the Fremont District of Downtown Las Vegas, the company is currently putting in place an extra private network that spans eight city blocks and will provide customers and companies with real-time data on safety, parking, air quality, noise levels, and pedestrian counting. To increase digital equity in the district, Cox has also built a private wireless network extension using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to link low-income public schools kids at home. Further business use cases in sectors including healthcare, government, manufacturing/distribution, higher education, and campus- and venue-based environments are supported by tailored private network solutions.

 “Private LTE/5G is one of the fastest growing and most promising technologies, and customers are asking for assistance to pull together solutions for their unique business needs. This collaboration with Cox and Future Technologies brings together our collective domain expertise, system integration, product portfolio and customer support to help our customers implement private network solutions and meet the growing demands of enterprises,” said Caroline Chan, vice president and general manager, Intel Network Business Incubator Division. 

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