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CORL technology introduces a medical device risk assessment tool kit that protects medical and IoT devices!

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CORL Technologies has launched a toolkit to test medical device safety against medical device and IoT risks.
CORL is committed to driving and delivering measurable risks presented by third-party vendors, including manufacturers of medical equipment. To that end, the organization has launched a new Device Risk Assessment Tool Kit that incorporates CORL self-awareness to work with the country’s leading health systems, standards organizations, and medical device manufacturers.
The CORL medical device risk assessment toolkit includes a list of risk assessment questions that use CORL risk intelligence data to perform thousands of medical device safety assessments. The new diagnostic toolkit examines medical equipment manufacturers and specific products, equipment, and performance models of health care organizations.
“The CORL medical device risk assessment tool kit is extremely valuable to our organization,” said Monique Hart, Executive Director, Information Security at Piedmont Healthcare. “The industry needs new models to reduce the risk of cybersecurity introduced by medical devices. CORL’s ability to harness the power of big data and specialized expertise in medical device security has greatly enhanced our diagnostic and therapeutic processes to protect the safety of our patients and the organization. ”
CORL medical device testing model and technology integrates device testing and product across security areas including disaster risk management and control, network and services, physical security, authentication, and life cycle controls for secure development.

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