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ConnectWise launched Incident Response Service for MSPs

ConnectWise launched Incident Response Service for MSPs
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

The ConnectWise Incident Response Service gives users direct, round-the-clock access to a team of skilled cybersecurity analysts that can assess, contain, and remediate attacks as quickly as possible to minimize the effect and disruption to the business. ConnectWise launched Incident Response Service to assist MSPs and their clients with quick responses to security issues and recovery from them.

MSPs are constantly becoming the target of threat actors. Preparation is the only option that can safeguard MSPs and their client’s interests against cyberattacks. For MSPs and their clients who often lack the resources to respond to these issues, the ConnectWise Incident Response Service provides an immediate lifeline to trained cybersecurity specialists who can help resolve incidents faster and avoid costly mistakes.

Raffael Marty, General Manager of Cybersecurity at ConnectWise said, “With a talent shortage, more sophisticated threat actors and more technologies to protect, cybersecurity incidents can quickly overwhelm an MSP and their end client and jeopardise the protection of their client’s critical assets. Every second counts in a cyberattack, so having a team of security experts at a moment’s notice is a game-changing force multiplier for an MSP’s successful delivery of cybersecurity services. With this service, MSPs can confidently turn to ConnectWise to gain swift understanding and control of the situation to eradicate threats and prevent costly downtime.”

According to the MSP Threat Report for 2022, ransomware occurrences increased by 10-15% quarter over quarter in 2021, with 56 per cent of all incidents occurring in the second half of the year. The ConnectWise Incident Response Service also assists in the recovery process by doing forensic examinations of system data, user activity, and digital evidence artefacts to assess the scope of the breach and identify which threat actor may be involved. Both ConnectWise partners and non-partners can now use the ConnectWise Incident Response Service.

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