Confluera, the leading provider of next-generation cloud security detection and response, declared the integration of GreyNoise Intelligence into its flagship security solution. Confluera clients will benefit from this integration with GreyNoise since it will offer them more context about discovered assaults, as well as a reduction in noise and better-prioritised event signals. All Confluera clients get immediate access to these features at no extra charge.

“Wading through an avalanche of alerts and noise is a significant challenge for organizations as they try to decipher between the benign and true indicators of attacks. The challenge is further complicated by the sophistication and ease that modern attackers exhibit. Organizations rely on Confluera to stitch together signals from various sources and accurately identify attacks with additional context. Our integration with GreyNoise, further enhances the ease with which our customers can identify and remediate attacks in real-time,” said John Morgan, CEO of Confluera.

Confluera’s machine learning-powered platform identifies and tracks events in real time across all MITRE ATT&CK tactics, including reconnaissance, discovery, and east-west traffic. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology stitches individual events into real-time threat storyboards as they happen, giving enterprise firmsĀ complete visibility into any cyberattack progressions and cutting detection and remediation timelines from days to hours.

“GreyNoise provides context about noisy IP addresses that scan the internet. I’m excited about how well our intelligence data complements the insights that Confluera delivers – it’s a big win for customers,” said Andrew Morris, founder and CEO of GreyNoise Intelligence.