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Cohesity introduces a data security software as a service (SaaS) solution! 

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Cohesity, a pioneer in data security and management, introduced Cohesity DataHawk, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for data protection that is aimed at assisting clients in defending against, detecting, and recovering from ransomware and cyberattacks. 

In one SaaS solution, DataHawk combines three essential security capabilities: threat protection through malware and attack indicator scans; ML-based data classification that offers high accuracy in identifying and detecting sensitive or critical data; and award-winning cyber vaulting through Cohesity FortKnox. 

Mohit Aron, founder and chief technology and product officer, of Cohesity stated, “Over-stretched IT and security teams are constantly trying to manage a sea of infrastructure while working night and day to stay ahead of bad actors. The key to keeping businesses running is minimizing the impact of a potential breach, bringing data security directly into the operational workflow, securing data at the source, and restoring critical workloads rapidly — while enabling IT and security teams to spend time on other business-critical tasks. This is what DataHawk is all about.” 

“Minimizing the impact of cyberattacks and ransomware is essential for keeping business operations running optimally. This requires classifying the data that matters most to the organization, as well as quickly identifying attack indicators and rapidly restoring workloads,” said Jennifer Glenn, Research Director for Information and Data Security at IDC. Integrating data classification and recovery capabilities via a SaaS platform, such as DataHawk from Cohesity, can help reduce the workload on IT and security teams and help them stay ahead of cyber attackers.” 

Organizations may quickly protect themselves from ransomware and other assaults by using DataHawk. The following are some of DataHawk’s main capabilities: 

  • Threat intelligence that can save the day 
  • The growing list of integrations with today’s leading cybersecurity vendors that are helping IT and security build a modern automated security operations center (SOC) 
  • Data classification to quickly assess the impact 
  • Cyber vaulting provides data recovery and resiliency when it’s needed most 

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