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Cloudflare Announces Email Security Solution

Cloudflare Launched Email Security Solution
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Cloudflare has announced that it will make enterprise-grade email security features available to its customers, after the acquisition of Area 1 Security. Email remains one of the most significant security concerns to businesses of all kinds, yet old email security solutions are frequently expensive, unnecessarily complex, and difficult to adopt.

Cloudflare with the acquisition of Area 1 Security, will be able to deliver businesses with a simple method to take advantage of robust phishing and malware detection as part of an integrated, Zero Trust approach to securing all their organization’s applications.

CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said, “Email is the largest cyber-attack vector on the Internet, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 100 company to be secure from email threats.”

Large email carriers’ spam protection is frequently enough for preventing unpleasant spam, but they are not suited to tackle sophisticated phishing attacks. Because email remains a popular entry point for more sophisticated cyber-attacks, businesses of all sizes must incorporate email security into their entire security strategy. Legacy email security technologies are frequently expensive, sophisticated, and need physical or virtual infrastructure that many firms without a strong IT team cannot afford.

Cloudflare users will benefit from Area 1 Security’s cutting-edge email protection, which is simple to use and highly effective and can be enabled in just one click. We’re designing Cloudflare’s email security tools to use email data to trigger additional security actions like automatically routing suspicious links through remote browser isolation or displaying phishing insights within the recently launched Cloudflare Security Centre because it’s integrated with Cloudflare’s suite of Zero Trust solutions.

Following the acquisition of Area 1 Security, all enterprise plan clients will have access to Area 1 Security’s email security features. Customers on all other premium plans will be able to use it in the future. Customers on the Enterprise plan will be able to use analytics to gain more control, customization, and advanced visibility.

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