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Cloudflare announced Magic WAN Connector for better operational agility 

Cloudflare announced Magic WAN Connector for better operational agility 
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Cloudflare has introduced Magic WAN Connector, a solution that enables organizations to improve operational agility by improving the performance and security of their wide area network (WAN) connections. Companies can connect their branches and remote locations to their central data center or cloud resources more efficiently and securely with Magic WAN Connector. 

One of the primary advantages of Magic WAN Connector is that it makes use of Cloudflare’s global network, which is one of the world’s largest and most advanced networks. This network is intended to improve internet connection performance by lowering latency, increasing throughput, and increasing reliability. Magic WAN Connector, by leveraging Cloudflare’s network, enables organizations to access critical business applications and data more quickly and reliably. 

Another key feature of Magic WAN Connector is that it provides advanced security features to help protect organizations from internet-based threats. This includes features like DDoS protection, which helps to defend against large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and advanced firewall capabilities, which can help to protect against a wide range of malicious traffic. 

In addition, Magic WAN Connector is easy to deploy and manage, making it a great choice for organizations of all sizes. It can be deployed in just a few minutes and requires minimal configuration, allowing organizations to improve the performance and security of their WAN connections quickly and easily. 

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare commented, “The future of work requires flexible IT infrastructure. When I speak to CIOs working to support evolving workforces, they want one vendor to work with that can offer them everything they need. Whether that means securely connecting remote employees, offices, data centers, or even multi-cloud deployments, IT teams shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed or security to keep their business productive. With the addition of Magic WAN Connector to Cloudflare One, we now offer one of the most comprehensive SASE solutions available today.” 

Magic WAN Connector also gives the flexibility to organizations to directly connect their branch to Cloudflare Global network, where the network will act as an accelerator, improving the performance of their critical business application, by reducing the internet latency. 

Furthermore, Magic WAN Connector gives organizations the ability to connect to multi-cloud environments, so that they can take advantage of the different capabilities and features offered by different cloud providers. This helps organizations to build highly available, hybrid cloud environments that can scale to meet their specific needs. 

Cloudflare Magic WAN Connector is a powerful solution that helps organizations to increase their operational agility by improving the performance and security of their wide area network connections. With its advanced security features, easy deployment, and support for multi-cloud environments, Magic WAN Connector is an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes looking to optimize their internet connectivity and protect their data and applications. 

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