Claroty, an industrial cybersecurity firm, announced Team82, a new research arm that will provide crucial vulnerability and threat research to Claroty clients and industrial network defenders throughout the world. In addition, Team82 released new research on severe vulnerabilities discovered in cloud-based management platforms for industrial control systems (ICS), underlining the growing requirement to protect cloud applications in industrial environments.

Team82, originally known as The Claroty Research Team, has won numerous awards for its fast development of industrial threat signatures, unique protocol analysis, and ICS vulnerability finding. With a total of 146 vulnerability findings and disclosures to date, the team is the leading player in ICS vulnerability research and was the first to build and publish signatures for the infamous Ripple20 and Wibu-Systems CodeMeter vulnerabilities, as well as the threat actors who target them. The team works directly with key industrial automation companies to analyze the security of their systems, and it has the industry’s most advanced ICS testing facility.

“Team82’s latest research was motivated by the reality that organizations in the Industry 4.0 era are incorporating cloud technology into their OT and IIoT for simplified management, better business continuity, and improved performance analytics. In order to fully reap these rewards, organizations must implement stringent security measures to secure data in transit and at rest, and lock down permissions. We thank the CODESYS and WAGO teams for their swift response, updates, and mitigations that benefit their customers and the ICS domain” said Amir Preminger, VP research at Claroty.