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Cisco and Rakuten Symphony establish Open RAN Infrastructure!

Cisco and Rakuten Symphony
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Cisco and Rakuten Symphony establish open Ran Infrastructure for the Japan-based Rakuten Group. Rakuten is a new venture established to aid in the adoption of cloud-native open RAN infrastructure and services. They came into an agreement to pool their resources to accelerate the deployment of cloud-native, virtualized 4G/5G mobile networks based on open radio access network (ORAN) technology. The companies signed a memorandum of understanding in Barcelona, Spain.

Rakuten Symphony and Cisco intend to offer solutions to help cellphone service providers compete more effectively in the cloud era. The companies intend to address the firm’s need for the digital revolution in order to reduce costs, improve agility, and adapt to changing technical, regulatory, and environmental requirements for sustainability.

Rakuten Symphony CEO Tareq Amin said: “We believe our collaboration with Cisco will bring something quite unique in the industry solving the industry’s current challenges when it comes to deploying new generations of networks. The principles of open architecture, cloud, virtualization, and automation are essential elements of the new networks that operators will be rolling out soon. Using open interfaces, virtualization, cloud, and automation from Rakuten Symphony along with Cisco’s well-established network footprint and offering will give telcos an opportunity to build and operate their networks in significantly better ways.”

Both the companies aim to offer solutions that can help mobile operators compete more effectively and efficiently in the cloud era. Cisco and Rakuten Symphony intend to address the industry’s need for massive change to reduce costs, improve agility, and meet future technical, regulatory, and environmental requirements for sustainability. The Executive Vice President and mass-scale infrastructure group general manager of Cisco, Jonathan Davidson said, “We have proven what the benefits of an open, cloud-driven, 5G-powered mobile network can do to transform the way people connect to do more and get more of everything today. Together with Rakuten Symphony, we have the unique opportunity to offer global service providers an alternative to legacy RAN, with a turnkey option to transform their networks to be more intuitive and automated to support the ever-evolving needs for connectivity.”

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