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CircleCI revealed new DevOps capabilities with server 3.1!

CircleCI introduces new DevOps capabilities with server 3.1
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CircleCI revealed enhanced security and automation features for its self-hosted runners. The release of version 3.1, a significant server update that includes improvements to security, observability, and integrations, was announced by Circle Internet Services Inc., a continuous integration and delivery platform for DevOps teams.

The CircleCI runner on the server is one of the features added to server 3.1, giving DevOps teams the ability to expand their compute options to macOS and run distinctive builds on their own infrastructure more extensive backup and restore capabilities, including both local and cloud-based services, as well as the capacity to return server instances to an earlier backup.

CircleCI servers can now be made private by using a privately assigned internet protocol address for use with a load balancer, a virtual private network, or other secure network access tools.

Customers who use self-hosted runners can now benefit from CircleCI’s parallelism and test splitting features. The more tests a project has, the longer it will take to finish using a single compute resource. Developers and their teams can divide their tests and run them simultaneously in various parallel execution environments to shorten this time. Developers can save time and remain focused on creating the things that matter most by splitting tests intelligently and using parallelism.

Customers can use additional configured SSH keys for running processes on other services during job execution by using add SSH keys. Along with connecting to private networks, closely monitoring their operating systems, imposing limitations using static IP addresses, and other capabilities, they also have this.

Jim Rose, CircleCI, CEO stated, “Being able to move quickly and reliably is no longer ‘nice to have’ but core to the responsibilities of today’s engineering teams. CircleCI’s latest additions will make it easier for enterprise-level customers or those in highly regulated industries to have a deeper access to the most intelligent and performant CI/CD tooling on the market.”

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