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Cequence Security Collaborates with Software AG

Cequence Security Collaborates with Software AG
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The industry leader in API security, Cequence Security, has established a significant collaboration with Software AG, the software pioneer of the truly globalized world. API Security Platform’s integration with Software AG’s webMethods Gateway will provide enterprise security teams with an end-to-end API security solution.

President, and CEO of Cequence Security, Larry Link commented, “Research has shown a drastic uptick in data breaches and attacks targeted at APIs over the past year, and our mission is to give enterprises an easy button for all things API security-related through strategic integrations. We’re thrilled to partner with Software AG to extend their capabilities and carry out our dual mission to enable enterprises to successfully grow their revenue without the fear of API attacks.”

APIs have become the foundation of services, allowing companies to use a more sequential development technique in which apps are published and upgraded more frequently. Customers can use the Software AG webMethods Gateway to manage their APIs centrally, implement access controls, and minimize volumetric traffic spikes. The Cequence API Security Platform is the only solution today that natively mitigates API threats in real-time, complementing and extending the webMethods capabilities with holistic API attack surface area discovery, misuse, and attack detection.

Organizations have traditionally depended on perimeter security services to secure their APIs. This tendency has shifted: between July and December 2021, Cequence Security stopped over 80% of cyberattacks aimed at APIs. This connection will give security teams additional visibility into how the webMethods Gateway’s security features are being used, as well as more information on the demands put on their APIs, allowing them to identify and halt threats before they have a negative effect on the organization.

General Manager API, Integration & Microservices, Software AG, Suraj Kumar stated, “We are very excited to partner with Cequence Security to better address the growing need for enhanced API security in today’s digital business climate. Their comprehensive API security platform combines visibility and risk assessment to protect and prevent sophisticated attacks. Together with Software AG’s API management capabilities, our new partnership with Cequence Security will help organizations discover and better protect their APIs against all types of threats.”

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