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Keepit introduces Power BI backup and recovery solutions 

Keepit has released its Power BI backup and recovery solution. Keepit’s data protection service for Microsoft’s cloud solutions is being expanded with the release of Keepit for Power BI. Power BI is the first of the Microsoft Power Platform services to be integrated into Keepit’s solutions, with Power Apps and Power Automate support planned for later in 2023. 

Paul Robichaux, Senior Director of Product Management of Keepit and MVP of Microsoft commented, “Microsoft is currently investing heavily in the Power Platform, and Power BI is a major part of that platform. Power BI is a market leader in the business intelligence space, and the business intelligence space is growing exponentially. With Keepit for Power BI, organizations can protect the data they use to drive their business decisions against data loss and downtime. Keepit is thrilled to add this product to our market-leading range of Microsoft cloud data protection solutions.” 

Keepit is a SaaS data protection specialist that fully supports Power BI. Because Microsoft doesn’t offer native backup options for reports, dashboards, workspaces, and datasets in Power BI, organizations that depend on it for decision-making run the risk of losing data in the event that something goes wrong, including deletions, alterations, malicious deletions, file corruption, or ransomware attacks. They also run the risk of losing data and metadata necessary for compliance and business continuity. 

Keepit’s Power BI protection is safe and simple, and data recovery is quick. Keepit’s Power BI customers can restore multiple terabytes per day and get Power BI data back into its original location, along with original metadata and relationships, thanks to smart search and restore features. 

Among the restore capabilities are: 

  • In-place restoration: Return data to its original location. 
  • Download: You can download individual data objects or entire folders. 
  • Provide users with a secure link to their data via shareable links. 

ioSafe 1522+ protects data from fire and water 

The ioSafe 1522+ is a five-bay network attached storage (NAS) system that ioSafe has developed for companies of all sizes, including those with remote locations in areas that are prone to fire and flooding. ioSafe, a leading provider of data protection solutions, announced the launch of their latest product, the ioSafe 1522+. This innovative device is designed to help organizations protect their valuable data from the devastating effects of fire and water damage. 

Randal Barber, CEO of ioSafe parent company CDSG commented, “The 1522+ is the next proof point in our commitment to delivering the world’s most innovative and effective fireproof and waterproof data protection solutions. This powerful device helps businesses and government agencies, media companies, and creative professionals restore enormous amounts of data faster than ever after a disaster, ensuring as little disruption to their businesses as possible.” 

For both large and small businesses across all industries, including those with remote facilities, the ioSafe 1522+ is a versatile, all-in-one solution. The brand-new ioSafe 1522+ is now accessible. The devices come with a two-year hardware warranty as well as two years of data recovery service for devices with factory-installed and verified drives. 

  • Its AMD dual-core processor is perfect for taxing business settings. 
  • The 1522+ is perfect for a variety of storage environment tasks, including running virtual machines and data server applications for a department or an entire business. It comes standard with 8GB of configurable RAM and is upgradeable to 32GB. 
  • A new optional 10GbE network port for the quickest access and performance is available on ioSafe NAS devices. In addition, link aggregation for high throughput and failover support is made possible by the four 1 GbE LAN ports. 
  • The trusted Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which offers on-site or cloud-integrated backup, data encryption, data sharing, synchronization, and surveillance, is only available with the 1522+. 

Tom Wynkoop, Hardware Support Supervisor, Astra Practice Partners stated, “I have seen an ioSafe device perform above expectations in a live-fire situation in Portland, Oregon, where a dental practice suffered the complete loss of building and equipment. We extracted the drive, performed a 100% recovery, and had the practice back in business the following day. ioSafe products perform, surviving both extremes: the fire itself and the fire department’s water when extinguishing the fire.” 

Immuta launched Immuta Detect for insights into risky user data access behavior 

Immuta has launched its most recent product Immuta Detect. Immuta Detect alerts data and security teams about risky data access behavior through its continuous data security monitoring capabilities. This improves data security posture management across contemporary cloud data platforms and allows for more precise risk remediation. 

Mo Plassnig, CPO, Immuta stated, “In the modern business landscape, organizations face a challenging dichotomy in which they need to use and share data to remain competitive but also maintain the highest standards of data security. 

It comes down to managing your risk appetite and to do that effectively, it is vital for teams to have a comprehensive view of data access activities and risks. Immuta Detect is an important step towards meeting customer demands for a comprehensive approach to data security, from discovering sensitive data, protecting it, and monitoring its usage, to keeping data policies up to date.” 

Immuta’s Data Security Platform now includes a new key pillar that provides sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and data activity monitoring. The platform integrates with existing SIEM and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) tools as well as cloud data platforms. 

As the number of data sources and users in modern cloud environments grows, monitoring data usage and responding to threats becomes more difficult. This is critical for safeguarding against insider threats and adhering to rules and regulations. 

Customers can utilize Immuta Detect’s new features to surface and prioritize risks associated with data usage, shorten the time required for risk mitigation, and maintain data security. 

Advanced access behavior analytics – Immuta Detect unifies data access logs so that data and security teams can continuously monitor and analyze changes in user behavior and data access entitlements by source, query, or user activity, as well as gain understanding of security configuration and data classification changes. 

Sensitive data views and indicators – Immuta Detect provides analysis of individual user and data activity, summarizing activity across time frame, data access events categorization, most active data sources, and sensitive data indicators. 

Zscaler introduced new data protection solutions 

Zscaler introduced new data protection solutions build upon a rich tradition of accurately securing data across all cloud apps for data in motion, data at rest, and BYOD assets. 

The new developments shorten data protection programs from months to hours and require no configuration for data loss prevention (DLP). This reduces security risks by consolidating data protection across all channels and simplifies operations through workflow automation. 

Moinul Khan, Vice President & General Manager of Data Protection at Zscaler commented, “Building on eight years of data protection innovations, Zscaler has employed advanced auto-classification capabilities to accelerate setup and reduce security team overhead and costs. Unlike other data protection solutions, this ensures that Zscaler Data Protection works for the IT administrator, rather than having the IT administrator work for it. In addition, the technology we acquired from the recently announced ShiftRight acquisition allows organizations to manage hundreds of potential risks and incidents in a simple yet very sophisticated way to reduce case resolution time significantly.” 

Data is created and distributed across hundreds of apps and workloads in today’s highly mobile and cloud-centric environment, increasing enterprises’ risk of data loss. The findings of the latest 2022 Data Loss Report by the Zscaler ThreatLabz research team underscore enterprises’ failure to protect distributed data. According to ThreatLabz, 36% of cloud application data is available via the open internet. According to an analysis of roughly 6 billion data loss policy violations, enterprises face 10,000 possible data loss incidents per day, resulting in losses of more than $4.35 million. 

Traditional DLP systems are incapable of securing remote data and necessitate a significant number of resources to configure, maintain, and administer, which can be costly and time-consuming to implement, putting enterprises at risk. 

Security service edge (SSE), a newly proposed security category, underscores the market’s requirement for unified data protection as part of a wider, purpose-built security platform. 

It offers accelerated deployment cycles with zero configuration DLP. Using the size of the world’s largest security cloud, which processes 170 million files per day, the new zero configuration DLP capabilities auto-classify all organizational data, hence expediting data protection program deployment. 

Reduced security threats by standardizing data protection across all channels. Endpoint and email data security capabilities are being added to the existing web, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and private app support. Integrating policies across channels, eliminates the need for point products, lowering security risks and administration complexity. 

Asigra launched Tigris Data Protection

Asigra launched Tigris Data Protection software with CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction). Asigra Tigris Data Protection software now includes CDR for protection against deeply embedded malware to address the ransomware threat, which now significantly increases the risk to both primary and backup data. 

The most recent generation of ransomware hides harmful code within content files that are frequently nested and compressed. Cybercriminals know that antimalware cannot scan what it cannot see, so they can avoid detection by using deeply embedded code. The data protection platform Asigra Tigris unifies cybersecurity and backup, fostering new levels of collaboration between data protection and security experts. 

Val Silva, CTO of Asigra “Worrisome increases in cybersecurity attacks on critical business systems has followed the rise in remote work environments over the past couple years. These attacks are commonly finding their way within corporate networks, and in many cases, specifically targeting backup systems. 

With Asigra CDR, Tigris Data Protection has reset the bar with ultra-secure backup that ensures organizations meet their business continuity objectives for absolute confidence in the ability to recover mission-critical data when needed.” 

The brand-new security feature, CDR, breaks down supported files into their smallest parts to find any embedded malicious code, macros, links, or executables. CDR reconstructs the original file without the malware after filtering and containing the malware. The technology eliminates any potential payload threats that are deeply buried within each file, outperforming predictive detection-based techniques. By maintaining file functionality and authenticity without the use of malicious code, the new CDR functionality ensures the integrity of the files. 

Asigra’s security architecture now includes soft-delete support, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, bidirectional CDR, zero-day exploit protection, variable repository naming to non-standard names to prevent recognition, deep MFA (multi-factor authentication), and variable repository sanitization with inline detection on both the backup and recovery streams. 

Voltage CyberRes One solution, FAS SmartScan, provides data discovery and protection capabilities!

Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS), a cloud platform that combines the newest in data discovery and data protection, has received an update from CyberRes, a Micro Focus business. The business claims that SmartScan, a tool for intelligent sampling and dynamic tagging for petabyte-scale data discovery, is one of the new features of Voltage FAS that enables data analysts to locate the areas of higher data risk faster. 

Reiner Kappenberger, Director Product Management for Voltage Data Privacy and Protection at CyberRes, says, “The new CyberRes Voltage File Analysis Suite takes data security to the next level with its data discovery and protection capabilities within one solution. Since it is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, it possesses the scalability needed to meet the needs of any user’s data estate. Furthermore, the dynamic Voltage SmartScan tool provides users with the resources needed to conduct more prescriptive, deeper scans of their data infrastructure, and take more focused protective actions.” 

Voltage FAS, according to CyberRes, is not constrained by the limitations of physical or political boundaries, allowing users to reach and maintain compliance standards for the numerous privacy regulations that are becoming more and more prevalent around the world. 

With dynamic data masking and contextually aware entity detection for more than 39 nations and economic zones, Voltage FAS is intended to improve overall privacy awareness. Along with its availability as a SaaS platform, Voltage FAS is now also offered as an MSSP option with this release. By comprehending and overseeing existing data, Voltage FAS integrates with cloud, on-premises, and all hybrid models. Voltage FAS may also be used on private clouds, allowing organizations to effectively locate and safeguard their sensitive data without having any data leave the region, which is advantageous because some regions restrict data residency for organizations. 

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Data Dynamics launched StorageX9.0

Data Dynamics StorageX9.0, released by Data Dynamics, will enhance, and expand the functionalities of the company’s current products to assist customers in managing the complexity and sprawl of unstructured data. Enterprises can use it to organize and analyze their data, derive practical insights, implement security procedures, uphold compliance, and improve business performance. StorageX 9.0 is loaded with new features like Share and DFS analytics, NFSv4 and NFSv3 POSIX security translation, and support for versioned object mobility. 

Cuong Le, CSO of Data Dynamics commented, “StorageX 9.0 is an enhancement to our already strong data management portfolio. It helps our enterprise customers with the capabilities they need for intelligent heterogenous petabyte-scale migrations and modernization, with fast time to value, maintaining compliance, and enhanced data security.” 

Furthermore, StorageX and Microsoft recently worked together to create the Azure File Migration service. Through this program, businesses can use StorageX for cost-free data migration to Azure. 

StorageX can assist businesses in realizing the full potential of their data when combined with Data Dynamics’ unified unstructured data management platform. Data Mobility, Data Analytics, Data Security, and Data Compliance are just a few of the end-to-end data management capabilities that the platform supports. 

Leading unstructured data migration software from Data Dynamics, StorageX offers policy-based data migration without vendor lock-in. Intelligent, quick, and secure petabyte-scale unstructured data migrations are made possible by StorageX’s seamless cloud data migration, data center consolidation, and storage optimization technologies. StorageX provides dynamic data for the digital enterprise, allowing enterprises to use its data to gain a competitive edge. 

Ntrinsec Launches Groundbreaking Key Security Automation Platform

Ntrinsec launched a groundbreaking new key security automation platform. The platform reduces security issues related to improper key management and misuse of encryption keys. Ntrinsec delivers complete automation around all key lifecycle operations by integrating with third-party key management systems (KMS), hard security modules (HSMs), certificate authorities, and significant cloud providers. This will guarantee that all keys follow the best procedures and put an end to key compromises. 

Ntrinsec CEO, Michael Leidesdorff said, “With a potent combination of technology and a team with decades of expertise, Ntrinsec is in a prime position to solve today’s data protection challenges. We are excited to introduce the world’s first key security automation platform from Ntrinsec. Our goal is to protect organizations from data breaches, and this tool has the strength to do just that. Ntrinsec’s moving target defense approach is making sure that digital secrets are kept safe in perpetuity. Bad actors are increasingly exploiting key hygiene issues like key reuse and local wallets. With this attack vector quickly growing and industry standards calling only for annual key rotation, which is hopelessly out-of-date, a platform like Ntrinsec is needed now more than ever.” 

Ntrinsec has developed a moving-target protection method that outwits hackers in today’s more complicated situations by automating machine identification secrets at scale. To maintain good key hygiene and spot exploitable key reuse, users can automatically and safely map all keys and host computers within the platform. In order to successfully prevent data breaches before they ever start, Ntrinsec powers intelligent crypto-reduction strategies to develop anomaly detection and automate speedy remediation. 

Davenport Group Collaborated with Stratodesk

Davenport Group has announced a partnership with Stratodesk and is now a part of the Stratodesk Edge channel partner program, which provides end-to-end IT solutions to businesses across the country. This new collaboration will provide their joint customers, particularly in the education, health care, state and local government, and manufacturing markets, with an IT solution that includes everything from storage to data security technologies and Stratodesk NoTouch software. 

Sonia St. Charles, CEO of Davenport Group stated, “Working with Stratodesk will enable Davenport Group to enhance our strategic focus on the end-user computing space by making it easier than ever for organizations to self-service within Stratodesk NoTouch OS. Our clients will benefit greatly from this unique capability from the EUC innovator. Our customers want secure endpoints, user mobility, and ease of management – a critical IT need we meet with Stratodesk when paired with Dell and VMware Solutions. Additionally, as a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, these latest updates mean our customers can leverage new and existing Dell PCs, laptops, and thin clients – repurposing them with the latest clients from VDI/Cloud vendors to operate like new.” 

Davenport Group has been delivering IT solutions to businesses across North America since 2001, including data center modernization, virtualization, storage, data protection, HCI, and client computing. 

Davenport Group provides customers with true IT transformation through its years of field experience, certifications in Dell EMC and VMware technologies, and recognition as a Dell EMC Certified Titanium Partner and a VMware Enterprise Partner. Davenport ensures that customers now have more secure, hybrid workplaces by providing Stratodesk NoTouch OS as a preferred EUC operating system. 

Stratodesk Edge, the company’s channel partner enablement program, has welcomed Davenport Group. Customers of Stratodesk and Davenport Group can use Stratodesk software to support multiple work sites and mobile workers. This collaboration will provide organizations with a solution for transforming their endpoints into centrally managed and secure endpoints capable of delivering seamless user experiences to end users via VMware Horizon. 

Stratodesk NoTouch software is preinstalled on all VDI clients and runs on all endpoints in an organization, regardless of make, model, or manufacturer. Businesses can save money by eliminating the need to purchase hardware while connecting endpoints to their network environment and integrating with other Davenport Group solutions. 

Emanuel Pirker, Founder and CEO at Stratodesk commented, “We continue our focus as a channel-led company and commitment to providing enterprises across the country and beyond with access to best-of-breed leading technology solutions. Customers gain competitive advantage through the feature rich EUC technology solutions offered by Stratodesk’s partnership with trusted technology advisors.” 

Netskope Improvised Netskope Private Access

Netskope announced significant improvements to Netskope Private Access, the zero-trust network access (ZTNA) foundation of its security platform. Customers of Netskope can now apply zero trust principles to the broadest range of hybrid work security requirements, including SaaS, IaaS, private applications, web, e-mail, and endpoint devices.

In hybrid work environments, enterprises are rapidly adopting Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology architecture. ZTNA is critical to SASE, it enables organizations to transition from legacy remote access VPN infrastructure to a modern, efficient, and secure infrastructure.

Netskope Private Access, which provides ZTNA services, is an essential component of the Netskope Intelligent SSE platform. It connects users to corporate resources anywhere, using any device, and continuously evaluates context and adapts to reduce risk. This context has now been extended to the enterprise data layer, leveraging Netskope’s unified DLP capabilities. Netskope provides advanced data protection capabilities, which are highlighted as an area where other SASE and SSE vendors fall short.

John Martin, Chief Product Officer at Netskope stated, “Enterprises need data-centric ZTNA—period. Private applications often house some of an organization’s most valuable information, including trade secrets and code repositories, and are an absolute must for comprehensive data protection capabilities. These key enhancements to Netskope Private Access extend Netskope’s award-winning zero-trust data protection capabilities that much further, offering enterprises multiple options to protect the information, from inspecting private application traffic to applying DLP in risky use cases such as third-party access and BYOD.”

A hybrid work environment needs the ability to apply zero trust principles to govern user, device, network, application, and data behavior, thereby increasing confidence in policy enforcement everywhere. Under zero trust, technology resources no longer implicitly trust any entity seeking to connect. The resource can determine an appropriate level of confidence, or trust, only for that specific interaction and by evaluating several contextual elements such as user role and identity, device identity and security posture, time of day, data sensitivity level, and more. Businesses become more agile, reduce risk, and streamline application deployment and ongoing maintenance because of using Netskope Intelligent SSE with zero trust data protection throughout.

Chris Rodriguez, Research Director of Security & Trust at IDC stated, “Zero trust network access is all about optimizing the balance of enabling access and mitigating risk, and the most effective ZTNA solutions, including Netskope Private Access, help reduce the risk and exposure associated with legacy remote-access VPNs. Enterprises should be pleased to see that Netskope continues to innovate and has now added capabilities to strengthen data protection policies across the widest range of use cases, from SaaS to private apps.”

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