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BigID announces the release of Data Insights Studio!

BigID, announces the release of Data Insights Studio
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BigID announces the release of Data Insights Studio, a new capability that provides rich and insightful reporting and analytics about the state of data across the organization. This organization is a leading data intelligence platform that enables organizations to understand their enterprise data and act for privacy, security, and governance.

Co-Founder and Head of Product at BigID, Nimrod Vax stated, “Data Insights Studio brings a whole new meaning to data intelligence. We’re giving customers the power to visualize their data like never before. We strongly believe that providing easy and customizable reporting of how metadata changes over time and across multiple sites, as well as an ability to analyze trends and monitor critical KPIs, is the key to facilitating and accelerating better data management and value on data across the organization.”

Data Insights Studio empowers privacy, security, and governance teams to produce comprehensive, intelligent, and actionable reporting tailored to their organization’s needs and track key indicators to better analyze the status of their data efforts. Data Insights Studio aims to bridge the gap between insight and action, allowing teams to make the best decisions possible based on their data.

Through reliable reporting and analytics, BigID Data Studio helps enterprises to know when and where to act on their data.

The following are some of the capabilities:

Actionable insights on data security, privacy, and governance activities are driving proactive executive decision-making.

Trends, measurements, and significant KPIs are actively monitored over time, allowing for forecastability.

Self-service, customizable reporting, and removing the burden from IT admins empower users.

For enterprises with worldwide data footprints, centralizing data intelligence holistically is essential.

Insightful reporting comes in many forms and is quite useful for illustrating the direction and progress of efforts. Developing the correct executive reporting that answers your organization’s unique demands, on the other hand, can be laborious, subtle, and time-consuming these days. Hence, the Data insights studio was launched.

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