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Axonius Collaborates with AWS to Enhance Customers’ Security Posture

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Axonius, a leading cybersecurity asset management platform, announced partnership with Amazon Macie, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS SecurityHub, while also strengthening its Amazon Inspector functionality. Following the integrations, customers will be able to better analyze and manage vulnerabilities throughout their Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Axonius offers thorough asset visibility and control across AWS cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises by linking to both AWS first-party and ISV-third party security solutions. Some key features of the recent integrations include:

  • Identification of exposed Amazon S3 buckets: To ensure data integrity and compliance, Axonius retrieves findings from Amazon Macie to assist customers in locating vulnerable Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Detection of malicious activity and compromised security controls: Axonius helps customers determine whether assets have supplemental security controls by connecting with Amazon GuardDuty, which protects AWS accounts, workloads, and data by assisting in the detection of criminal activities.
  • Meeting security best practices: Customers can compare insights from AWS SecurityHub with linked data to confirm whether assets that don’t adhere to best practise standards have a compensating security control.
  • Comprehensive view of cloud security posture: Customers can get a holistic picture of their cloud security with Axonius’ delivery of an inventory of all assets from more than 450 correlated data sources, including vulnerability information from Amazon Inspector.

Mark Daggett, Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Axonius, said, “As companies continue to shift workloads to the cloud, they’re also increasingly leveraging cloud provider-native security service offerings. Yet customers are still exhausted by the highly-manual, slow, and error-prone processes that negatively impact their risk mitigation, threat management, and compliance. With Axonius and AWS, customers finally have a unified view of their assets while dramatically strengthening their security posture.”

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