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AU10TIX Adds Expanded Capabilities to its Fraud Intelligence Platform

AU10TIX Adds Expanded Capabilities to its Fraud Intelligence Platform
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AU10TIX, a leading identity intelligence provider, expanded its fraud intelligence platform, INSTINCT, to enhance fraud mitigation defense.

INSTINCT offers protection against fraud including swarm attacks, deep fakes, and synthetic identities by employing traffic-level intelligence gathered from a global consortium of neural network partners. The expanded capabilities will now help INSTINCT to layer over AU10TIX’s core verification engine for a 2-in-1 defense or coexist with an organization’s native identity verification solution. In addition to this, the software will now provide risk management and mitigation as well.

Nir Stern, VP Product, AU10TIX, said, “More than just ‘a world first’, INSTINCT is the only fraud intelligence platform of its kind. You can get automated fraud intelligence at scale with an emphasis on privacy protection to defend your business. We are proud to upgrade it based on feedback from our customers and take fraud prevention to the next level.”

Since the beginning of 2022, AU10TIX has shielded businesses from fraud-related damages totalling $2 billion. This year, synthetic fraud detection has been boosted by over 200 percent by INSTINCT. In addition, compared to the preceding six months, the platform showed a 110 percent rise in all detected potential fraud. In the most recent quarter, face recognition was recognized as the best kind of link-analysis method to detect fraud.

Powered by data signals from leading global businesses, INSTINCT’s expanded fraud-mitigation capabilities include the following:AU10TIX now offers more easy and simple integration in addition to other existing identity verification solutions delivered by AU10TIX or any other vendor in the market.

  • AU10TIX now excels in recognizing and proactively allocating identity reputation scoring for “trusted users” to legitimate clients and lawfully participating partner services.
  • It now offers both manual and automatic triggers, such as text queries (name, phone, or other personal information) or ID document scanning.
  • It has the capacity to detect and eliminate fraud risks that are already present in a system of a company, even after front-line defenses have been breached.

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