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Armis Asset Vulnerability Management for Risk Mitigation

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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Armis launched Armis Asset Vulnerability Management (AVM), a risk-based vulnerability management solution that enables organizations to prioritize mitigation efforts across the entire asset attack surface. It includes managed and unmanaged IT, OT, ICS, IoMT, IIoT, Cloud, and cellular-IoT. The solution strengthens the Armis Platform, which offers unified asset visibility and superior security across the entire attack surface.

The geopolitical instability caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the assistance by the US and NATO in the conflict has increased the possibility of cyberattacks against organizations. Organizations must scale their ability to deal with the increasing vulnerabilities and threats that endanger their assets.

Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO & Co-Founder of Armis commented, “Effective vulnerability lifecycle management requires full visibility into the extended attack surface and understanding the criticality of each asset to the business. With Armis AVM, customers can prioritize mitigation efforts across all assets, according to their criticality to the business, and optimize the use of limited resources to minimize exposure.”

Organizations are swamped by the variety of assets connected to their networks, and the severe vulnerabilities discovered almost daily. They are having difficulty managing vulnerable assets at scale. With the time required to exploit a new vulnerability rapidly decreasing, combined with a lack of visibility into the asset attack surface, security and IT operations teams simply cannot address vulnerabilities as quickly as required.

Armis Asset Vulnerability Management (AVM) is an add-on module that addresses the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, including vulnerability scanning and calculating risk for each asset to assist customers in prioritizing and managing mitigation efforts.

The Armis Asset Intelligence Platform gives enterprises visibility and control over their entire cyber asset attack surface. Armis allows enterprises to quickly zero in on the assets that put their operations at risk, prioritize mitigation efforts to better manage their attack surface, and improve their overall risk posture by providing complete asset discovery, real-time cyber vulnerability, and threat intelligence and highlighting critical assets that should be prioritized.

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