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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Arctic Wolf Data Exploration is a new module for the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud that improves customers’ ability to find answers to critical security operations questions. Data Exploration reduces the cost and complexity of aggregating, normalizing, and enriching security telemetry, allowing organizations to get answers quickly and easily.

Dan Schiappa, chief product officer, Arctic Wolf stated, “Arctic Wolf Data Explorations empowers internal IT and security team to find fast answers to critical security operations questions with the unified data stored in our platform while having push-button access to our Concierge Security Team to better understand and act on the results. Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Delivery Model is built around the simple idea that our customers should be able to get answers to any security questions they have, in the way that best suits their business, and with the launch of Data Explorer it has never been faster or easier for them to get the insights they need.”

Today’s IT and security teams are overwhelmed by the amount of data produced by the security tools they manage, so searching for answers to operational questions or conducting mandatory compliance activities can be an ineffective, time-consuming, and resource-draining process. Even for the most well-funded organizations, deploying a SIEM or creating a centralized repository of security telemetry is difficult and expensive.

Arctic Wolf’s Data Exploration addresses these challenges for organizations by leveraging the power and scale of the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud, which processes over two trillion security events per week using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data Exploration allows organizations to centralize security telemetry from an unlimited number of tools in the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud, thanks to a platform with an open XDR architecture that ingests security telemetry from network, endpoint, cloud, identity, and human data sources.

Customers can query, correlate, and investigate their raw and analyzed data stored within the Arctic Wolf Platform using Data Exploration. Consumption is limitless. There are no restrictions on the number of data sources or events that customers can send to the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud and view in Data Exploration. Drill-down navigation and a unified portal allow for quick operational investigations and an overview of the overall security posture. Collaboration with a concierge Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security Team is always available to answer questions and act when necessary.

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