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Apricorn Launches Market’s First 2TB Hardware-Encrypted Flash Key

Apricorn Launches Market's First 2TB Hardware-Encrypted Flash Key
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Apricorn, the industry’s top producer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB drives launched the USB 3.2 Gen 1 Aegis Secure Key 3 2TB encrypted flash key.  The new 2TB Aegis Secure Key 3 is the first hardware-encrypted flash key of this size and was created for businesses that need a lot of secured storage with a small footprint, continuing Apricorn’s long history of innovation. The Aegis Secure Key 3 currently offers eight capacity options, with prices ranging from $129.00 to $999.00 U.S.  

Kurt Markley, U.S. Managing Director, Apricorn said, “The Aegis Secure Key 3 line was designed to address security issues we identified in 2015 and that still plague organizations today. Most of those feature improvements have become standard in the market, including Forced Enrollment™, which we developed to force users to create their own PIN before they could use the device at all. We’ve consistently increased storage capacities for the Secure Key 3, which employs a mini SSD rather than flash memory, making the line bigger and faster than other hardware-encrypted flash keys. When it comes to tech – especially hardware – it’s rare for a product to remain at the top of its field for more than five years, much less seven. The Aegis Secure Key 3 has become Apricorn’s U2 spy plane.” 

The Aegis Secure Key 3 includes AegisWareTM as standard equipment, Apricorn’s proprietary firmware and feature set that was created to address the constantly changing security threats and commercial requirements for highly regulated industries like government, defense, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Apricorn’s USB 3.2 Gen 1 hardware-encrypted Secure Keys include additional security benefits like FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated encryption module, on-the-fly 100% hardware-based encryption, and software-free setup and operation. Furthermore, it also has advantages like OS Agnostic completely cross-platform compatible, an onboard wear-resistant keypad for authentication, real-time 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption, and separate administrator and user modes. Not only these but it also carries additional advantages like forced-enrollment / user forced enrolment, programmable minimum PIN length, advanced configurations for enhanced security, rugged crush-resistant aluminum enclosure, Aegis Configurator™ compatibility and IP-68 validated against water and dust damage. 

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