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AppOmni Introduced Developer Platform!!

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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

AppOmni introduced AppOmni Developer Platform, which allows businesses to enhance visibility and ensure effective protection across all existing SaaS applications and custom-built in-house SaaS apps. It is one of the leading providers of SaaS security solutions. The AppOmni Developer Platform is the only available solution that enables customers and partners to integrate standard security capabilities across their entire SaaS ecosystem. The platform will be available to a limited number of partners in June, with increased availability later in 2022.

Harold Byun, Chief Product Officer at AppOmni said, “The AppOmni Developer Platform provides a security framework with standardized security best practices and establishes a uniform security language to allow customers to clearly and easily understand risk across their entire SaaS ecosystem and all modern digital applications, The future of security is comprehensive, consistent security coverage for all applications and all users. The AppOmni Developer Platform is delivering on that vision and is another example of AppOmni’s market leadership.”

SaaS applications are being widely used across businesses. Software as a service has matured but the complexity and variety in settings make it challenging to ensure appropriate configurations, which can lead to security flaws and data leakage. Customers can leverage the AppOmni Developer Platform to monitor any SaaS application, using a standard set of policies and security controls. AppOmni’s SaaS security management solution uses the information about application security posture to help security teams monitor and secure essential configurations, user permissions, and third-party applications. Organizations can immediately uncover misconfigurations or drift by creating support for any SaaS service, closing security gaps and driving compliance across their corporate application footprint.

Brendan O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder of AppOmni said, “Many of our customers have asked how they can secure their entire SaaS ecosystem with the same depth AppOmni provides for their largest SaaS systems. For example, one of our Fortune 100 customers has more than 200 homegrown applications they need to secure. The AppOmni Developer Platform will allow users to create policies to meet governance and compliance requirements, as well as manage and monitor security across their SaaS ecosystem.”

AppOmni’s Developer Platform aims to provide businesses with the ability to quickly design and deploy industry-leading security for any SaaS service. Developer partners will be able to use the Platform to expand SaaS security to custom applications.

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