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Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform added improved decision intelligence 

Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform added improved decision intelligence 
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Alteryx has added new self-service and enterprise-grade capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, allowing customers to make faster and more informed decisions. The improved platform, which now includes all Designer Cloud access, provides an approachable, easy-to-use drag-and-drop modern interface accessible to employees of all skill levels, without jeopardizing data governance or security standards. 

Suresh Vittal, CPO at Alteryx commented, “The 2023 State of Cloud Analytics report shows actual benefits of cloud analytics for decision making and operational efficiency among others far surpassed expectations. 

With Alteryx’s best in-class experiences, on a cloud-native enterprise-grade platform, we are enabling our customers to navigate through uncertainty and succeed in the next era of digital transformation.” 

These advancements come at a crucial moment, as Alteryx’s global 2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report revealed that cloud analytics will be an enterprise imperative for success in 2023. Four out of five respondents believe cloud analytics will have a positive impact during economic uncertainty, and nearly 90 percent believe cloud analytics has helped them become more profitable. 

With an intuitive self-service drag-and-drop user interface, the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform enables everyone to participate in the decision intelligence process regardless of job role, skill level, or department (UX). 

New Alteryx Analytics Cloud updates include: Given that two-thirds of survey participants said they would benefit from an intuitive and approachable cloud analytics interface: 

  • With more than 30 extended prep, blend, analysis, and automation tools for wise decision-making, the reimagined Designer Cloud interface is now accessible in All Access. 
  • With the new Common Causes feature in Alteryx Auto Insights, any business user can quickly analyze and identify the underlying causes of complex issues. 
  • With the help of Alteryx Machine Learning’s new capabilities, line-of-business analysts in marketing, human resources, and finance can forecast more accurately and quickly. 
  • Business leaders can base their decisions on a trusted understanding of enterprise KPIs with the aid of Metrics Store. 

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