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Alert Logic Reveals the MDR Incident Response Capability

Alert Logic Incident Response
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Alert Logic Intelligent Response is developed to minimize the impact of a security breach through SOAR capabilities with workflows to enable response actions across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. Alert Logic by HelpSystems has made its new intelligent response capabilities generally available. The innovations, which include a simple model and a mobile application, relieve IT and security departments of repetitive response tasks and the need for constant administration through human-guided and fully automated workflows. Seedrs, Europe’s leading online private investment platform, is among the first to use the new capabilities, which are now available to Alert Logic MDR® customers at no additional cost.

Jonas Pereira, Senior DevOps Engineer at Seedrs stated, “The wizard-based user interface of Alert Logic’s simple mode made the whole intelligent response configuration possible in just minutes. I also have full visibility of our infrastructure, and our safety, literally in my pocket with the Alert Logic mobile application, ensuring we can effectively respond to any potential threat instantly.”

The Intelligent Response acts as a safety net if attacks manage to evade prevention tools, improving an organization’s security posture while allowing it to adopt automation at its own pace. The solution addresses detection, notification, and containment with multiple actions and use cases in a streamlined user experience, allowing any organization to easily create automated response actions as part of a comprehensive response strategy.

Onkar Birk, Managing Director of Alert Logic by HelpSystems said, “The beta customers who helped guide the development of Alert Logic Intelligent Response told us they needed a flexible solution that allowed them to adopt automation at their own pace to increase their security posture. We’re putting response in front of people in an intuitive way, getting them involved in the process, taking security actions to contain problems, and enabling resource-stretched teams to deploy best practice security.”

Intelligent response Simple mode focuses primarily on necessary actions, for Alert Logic and AWS WAFs, eliminating an attacker on the network’s edge. Disable potentially compromised user credentials using AWS IAM or Azure Active Directory (including Office 365). Organizations can introduce the human touch at any point in the process while increasing the level of automation to meet their needs. Customizable response playbooks also help security professionals save time by integrating automated response actions into their business processes.

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