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AI Shield from AB Handshake Identifies Voice Fraud Attacks

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An AI-based FMS called AI Shield was introduced by AB Handshake. It blocks speech fraud attempts on all incoming and outgoing traffic on an operator’s network in real-time. Fraud has long been a concern for the telecom sector. There hasn’t been a comprehensive answer, even if traditional fraud management systems (FMS) have been able to halt some fraud attacks.

The $39.9 billion lost to telcos globally each year—a number that keeps increasing—sums up the impact of fraud. With a particular emphasis on robocalls, the FCC is actively engaged in the battle against worldwide telecom fraud. In its newest offering, AI Shield, AB Handshake has integrated machine learning and Big Data technology to lessen this threat. This technology achieves a new benchmark of 97% accuracy in identifying and stopping all significant voice fraud types.

AI Shield Capabilities-

AI & ML– detects early on well-covert attacks and patterns of telecom fraud.

Real-time monitoring: identifies and warns of impending threats or prevents them.

200+ parameters make up a complex system that reduces all major fraud types.

Instant Benefits of AI Shield

  • Money and time savior as it stops fraud in real-time.
  • Engine of AI Shield has been trained on large volumes of wholesale and retail voice traffic and renders the greatest level of fraud detection accuracy on the market. 
  • More revenue generation occurs by averting service denial. The in-built IVR module notifies you when calling high-risk number ranges.
  • A user-friendly interface enabled with instant flexibility, allowing customization for blocking, alerting, and reports.

AI Shield is a one-stop voice fraud protection system that offers incredible cost reductions right away by thwarting fraudulent calls and halting revenue loss. In comparison to other FMSs, it offers organizations far higher telecom fraud protection at a lesser cost with practically seamless integration into a company’s current network’s default settings.

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