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Agita Labs Offers TrustForge On Microsoft Azure Cloud!

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Agita Labs declared that the Microsoft Azure cloud now offers the TrustForge secure computation capability. TrustForge, which is based on Agita’s sequestered encryption technology, allows users to upload data to the cloud while maintaining complete control over who can view and process it. In order to protect them from hackers, programmers, and IT personnel, the data and its decryption keys are always encrypted.

Todd Austin, CEO and co-founder of Agita Labs said, “Trying to find and fix every last vulnerability is a losing battle–-the code is too complex and the attackers are too clever. TrustForge tips the balance of power from the attacker to the defender by keeping data always encrypted and accessible only by a provably secure cryptographic enclave deployed in the cloud. Even if the system is hacked, data stays secure.”

Austin explains that the underlying idea of TrustForge—computing on encrypted data—is comparable to fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), which processes encrypted data using intricate mathematical equations without disclosing its contents. TrustForge, however, is unique in that it secures data without the use of mathematics by using specialised hardware. As a result, its computing overhead is thousands of times lower, and it avoids the cumbersome programming constraints of FHE.

 Alex Kisil, Agita Labs’ director of engineering said, “Our TrustForge secure computation framework was designed with DevOps programmers in mind. “We can quickly deploy TrustForge to solve specific data privacy needs, stop data breaches, and give users and their customer’s peace of mind when sharing sensitive data,”

Cloud-based processing is now possible for data types that were previously too risky to entrust to the cloud thanks to the technology’s high security, low computing overhead, and ease of deployment. You can now upload applications to the cloud for always-secure and auditable sharing, including medical EMR data, financial data, private machine learning and recommendation, privatized surveillance, and genomics information.

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