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ActZero Announces the Release of Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

ActZero Announces the Release of Blueprint for Ransomware Defense
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ActZero, a cybersecurity start-up providing ransomware defense, recently launched the Ransomware Task Force’s (RTF) Blueprint for Ransomware Defense.

In order to promote adoption, ActZero actively engages with its clients, partners, and prospects. The Blueprint offers a set of implementable ransomware precautions to fortify their IT infrastructures and is aimed at helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with limited cybersecurity knowledge.

The cybersecurity community was encouraged in the RTF’s 2021 report to “create a clear, practical methodology for ransomware mitigation, response, and recovery.” A number of significant public and private players in the cybersecurity sector joined together to form the Blueprint for Ransomware Defense Working Group. As a result, the Working Group created a set of suggested countermeasures against ransomware and other widespread cyberattacks. The safeguards were initially designed to offer “essential cyber hygiene” in order to help ward off broad, untargeted attacks.

To effectively prevent ransomware attacks, it’s important to be able to stop attackers who have gotten beyond security measures. For SMEs, establishing an MDR service is the practical approach to achieve this objective. Being a key member of the working group, ActZero is in a good position to assist SMEs in implementing the safeguards. Moreover, the Blueprint establishes the foundation for more sophisticated capabilities, such as the ability to identify and address threats that have eluded security mechanisms. By adding on the sophisticated threat hunting and AI-driven prevention and detection capabilities of its MDR service, ActZero can also complete its resilience endeavor and help SMEs against cyber-attacks.

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