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Acrisure Announces Acquisition of Two Managed Service Providers

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Acrisure unveiled its acquisition of two Managed Service Providers (MSP) within its Cyber Services division: Catalyst Technology Group and ITS Inc. The Indianapolis, Indiana-based Catalyst Technology Group provides small and medium-sized organizations with enterprise-class IT support with a focus on reducing procedures for improved customer convenience. Manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and education are just a few of the sectors that ITS Inc., a company situated in Bar Mills, Maine, provides IBM system design, integration, and consulting services.

Acrisure Cyber Services uses cutting-edge AI methodologies, cloud-native architecture, and best-in-class security technologies to reduce client risk. Acrisure clients now have access to Microsoft products, licenses, and Azure Cloud services through these new MSP partnerships, as well as Dell computers and components, Cisco networking hardware and software, a 24-hour Microsoft help desk, IBM Hardware, and Software products and services, and—most importantly—the engineering expertise necessary to install and support all of the aforementioned.

Greg Williams, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Acrisure stated, “Catalyst and ITS are entrepreneurial organizations with strong leadership and deep customer relationships. Our clients will greatly benefit from an expanded Cyber Services offering with these capabilities added to our solution.”

Since officially launching earlier this year, Acrisure Cyber Services has rapidly expanded its capabilities to offer complete cybersecurity protection to existing and new Acrisure clients. As part of Acrisure’s “high-tech human” approach of marrying client relationships and advisory with best-in-class technology, this offering further solidifies Acrisure’s ability to help protect and grow what its clients have worked so hard to build.

Acrisure Cyber Services has swiftly increased its capabilities since its formal launch earlier this year, enabling it to provide total cybersecurity protection to both current and potential Acrisure clients. This product further demonstrates Acrisure’s capacity to assist in safeguarding and expanding what its clients have laboriously created. This approach, which is part of Acrisure’s “high-tech human” philosophy, combines client connections and advisory services with best-in-class technology. 

Bill Meara, President, Acrisure Cyber Services, commented, “Cyber risk is a threat to organizations of all sizes, but small and mid-size companies are especially vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Additionally, cyber insurance carriers are raising the bar for minimum protection needed to secure coverage. We provide a single solution that is customized to their unique risk profile, size, industry, and more. Now, with Catalyst and ITS, we’ve created a holistic IT solution.”

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