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Absolute Software Announces New Product to Track Critical Performances

Absolute Software Announces New Product to Track Critical Performances
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

A global leader in self-healing Zero Trust solutions, Absolute Software today introduced its new product innovations, which enable enterprises to keep track of critical performance metrics spanning endpoints, users, applications, the network connects and analyzes at the same time. IT and security administrators now have access to historical intelligence from the firmware to the network edge, enabling them to more seamlessly manage distributed device fleets, enforce security policies, and optimize the remote user experience in today’s work-from-anywhere environments, appreciation to the new Absolute Insights for Endpoints add-on module and enhancements to the company’s Secure Access solution’s diagnostics and experience monitoring capabilities  

EVP of Product and Strategy at Absolute, John Herrema, stated, “As organizations continue to navigate the uncertainties of the work-from-anywhere era, access to data and the ability to generate actionable insights from it has never been more important. Having actionable intelligence that spans devices, applications, networks, and infrastructure is a must have when it comes to both successfully implementing Zero Trust principles and ensuring all employees – regardless of location – are able to work securely, effectively, and productively.”

Absolute Software in the research revealed that in many companies, IT and security leaders come across challenges in managing and securing the work situations allotted to them because of the hybrid working style in 2022. The largest problem in risk management, according to more than half of those polled are having the necessary technology tools in place to reduce it.

Customers can now proactively monitor, evaluate, and repair end-user performance issues quickly and at scale, even on non-company-owned or managed networks, thanks to new product advancements. Extended coverage for 5G networks (e.g., signal quality, network availability, network coverage, and network consumption), as well as Windows 11 and ARM devices, is included. Customers can use a selection of pre-built dashboards to visualize these insights, or they can construct custom versions that are aligned with their internal standards and requirements.

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